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You can never have enough of your statement jewelry. Be it trendy earrings, classic rings, or statement neck-piece, a good piece of jewelry can become the game-changer for your whole outfit. It helps to give that out of the box look to even plain boring dresses which make your style statement, stand out. However, it is not always feasible to purchase jewelry from offline stores. This brings us to shop for designer jewelry online. Whenever we hear online shopping, we often have trust issues in terms of scams, cheap product quality, or even damaged packaging. If you are also going through the same then Nikaia is the one-stop destination for you. 


The brand has been one of the largest distributors of handcrafted European lines of designer jewelry in the USA. It has some of the best European fashion jewelry designers on board as their partners whose products are nothing less than the best! From Germany, and for more than 30 years COEUR DE LION has provided the market with clean, crisp designs of unsurpassed quality.  From Greece, CHRISTINA BRAMPTI is using simple techniques and great materials in wonderful colors to accessorize our outfits.  Starting from a wide range of color options to designs that speak your every style, everything can be found under this one roof named Nikaia. Worried about the type of jewelry you will find? Look no more! This place has all the latest jewelry accessories and its styles that you are looking for. 


French Jewelry

Who doesn't like to wear French? Those trendy pieces which look like they are made for your classy attires are absolutely something that you cannot miss out from your jewelry vanity. But again, finding the best is a task. We have the best solution. Presenting the handpicked best-quality European French jewelry to become the perfect match for your outfit. The range of these statement pieces begins at a very affordable price so that you don't have to spend a fortune to get your hands-on French Jewelry. 


In Nikaia, some of the best designers like LAURENT GUILLOT, SANDRINE GIRAUD and SAMUEL CORAUX have put their hands in French jewelry designs. Ranging from trendy statement earrings, quirky colorful earrings, or some classic lightweight hoops, everything is available to meet all your earring goals. These are made from top-notch quality products hand-picked and carved by the best designs. The products are proper quality checked hence they are extremely safe for daily wear. These are light-weighted making your jewelry statement, effortless! The pieces are affordable and perfect to uplift all your outfits for every occasion. Whatever may be your style statement, you have something French in store for you! 


Nikaia Jewelry 

We often spend ages hunting down that one online store that meets all our accessories needs. It becomes much more difficult when it comes down to our favorite jewelry style. If you are also struggling to find the right balance between all trendy styles, top-notch quality products, and perfect customer service store, then Nikaia jewelry is just for you! This is the number one jewelry distributing store in the USA which showcases nothing but the best of designs imported from European states and nearby areas. We have the best in-store designs carved out by the highest quality designers from all over the world!


A proper piece of jewelry can make the perfect impression regarding your fashion sense wherever you go. Hence, it is extremely crucial to keep your style statement updated all-time with the best quality products without having to spend a fortune. Nikaia jewelry does all these for you! Picking that perfect piece which is your go-to style statement can be tricky sometimes. Under this roof, you have got everything that you need regardless of what is your style statement. Whether you want some simple classic pieces or quirky is your style, some bold statement pieces, or the trendiest ones of all, everything is visible in the online store Nikaia. We also provide modern art jewelry


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