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You can never have enough statement jewelry. Be it trendy earrings, classic rings, or a beautiful necklace, good jewelry can become the game-changer for your entire outfit. However, it can be a bit nerve-wracking shopping for jewelry online, with sketchy vendors, outright scams, poor quality, and minimal packaging to battle. If you’ve ever had second thoughts about buying online, then NIKAIA is the one-stop destination for you.

The brand has been one of the largest distributors of handcrafted European lines of designer jewelry in the USA for 23 years. Starting from a wide range of color options and designs that speak to every style, NIKAIA showcases only the best.

Who doesn't like to wear French? Or Greek, or German? European flair is now yours when you shop at NIKAIA. We offer some of the best French designers including LAURENT GUILLOT, SANDRINE GIRAUD, SAMUEL CORAUX, and THIERRY JOO. Their work is singular in style and features components in Lucite, glass, rubber and enamel. And the colors have to be seen to be believed! From Greece, the hot new designer is CHRISTINA BRAMPTI with bold shapes and colors that enhance your wardrobe. And from Germany we feature COEUR DE LION, with its signature cubes and pendants.

Nikaia Jewelry 

We hand select the designers we carry, and curate their seasonal collections for our customers. We stand behind all of our products and are available for personal consultation if you’re looking for just the right piece for an upcoming event, or for a gift. Give us a call at 888-767-7354.


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