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    <h1>In this category, you will find designs that are exclusively available through NIKAIA.  Christina is a very prolific designer and her collection is very large.  It includes concepts that are more forward than many of our US stores are willing to invest in.  Over the past couple of years, we have built a nice clientele of savvy Christina Brampti customers.  It is for them that we want to make available a broader collection than what the US retail industry is interested in.  Please allow 2 weeks lead time for anything you will want in the Private Collection.</h1>

Christina Brampti believes that there are many ways to view reality and her jewelry reflects that. Using a wide range of materials, she explores different ways of working with each one, resulting in a collection that embraces geometric minimalism, soft undulating shapes, and relaxed, urban cool.

She explores scale, using brushed aluminum tubes, both rounded and squared in different sizes, & combines them with cords of varying thickness and materials, including rubber, leather, nylon, tulle, elastic, and cotton.

Different techniques are used in the combination of cords, from tightly wrapping one cord around another to create texture to inserting smaller cords inside net tubing to add weight and visual interest.

Brampti works with ceramic beads but also uses ceramic chain in strong colors which she also wraps around another cord.

Brampti creates linked circles using nylon tubes, or combines a handful of net tubes with brushed aluminum clips or mixes the tulle with transparent plexi chips to create an ethereal effect.

Brampti's treatment of plexi starts w/ a sculpted geometric swirl, held by a fine rubber cord. From there, she plays w/ layering different colors of translucent and opaque plexi to create both radiating bands of color and bold circular pendants. And the plexi reappears as fluttering transparent chips when combined with tulle.

The designer's workshop is located north of Athens.

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