A few years ago, Coeur de Lion asked us to create a website to showcase a more complete perspective of their collections.  It made sense in many regards – geographically the availability of Coeur de Lion in the USA is very unbalanced; we have hundreds of stores in the East Coast where we are based and where we do most of our trade shows, whereas our presence is sparse in the West Coast and the north.  Some of our buyers have a somewhat limited notion of what can sell in their stores, leaving fabulous designs untouched.  As we started to toy with the concept, our other designers demonstrated complete support.  

But the only viable way to offer a rich website to consumers was to never undercut our brick and mortar retail partners.  So we price all our lines in the upper range of its retail price.  

With that said, over the years we have acquired and retained a growing crowd of consumers who have come to prefer working with us because we offer a very large assortment, we are pretty much always in stock with the designs we feature on our website and we never hesitate to go the extra mile and special order at no extra cost anything our customers want that is not readily available in the USA. 

Also, years ago, we developed a Fidelity Program offering 10% off any reorder (not with your first order but all your orders thereafter) as long as we receive it from the same email address, shipping to the same physical address as the first order.  We also offer systematically (from the first order on) 5% off a set of 2 matching pieces, and 10% off the set of 3 matching pieces on all our lines.

If you prefer to buy from a store, simply contact us and tell me where you are located and what you want to acquire and we will try and find a store that carries what you want.  But remember that we cannot ask a store to change their retail prices to match what we are offering.

Referral Program

If you love our jewelry and you had a good shopping experience with us, tell your friends about NIKAIA and get 20% off your next purchase.

It is easy: if you tell your friends and they buy from us, all they have to do is to mention your name in the comment section at the time they place their first order. We will promptly notify you that you earned 20% off your next online purchase with us (any line, any time) thanks to them. After all, that’s what friends are for, too.

It is not just a onetime deal - the more friends, the merrier - but it is only valid on their first order with us.