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Sandrine Giraud started her career in the film industry as a costume and accessories designer. To say that she is a highly gifted designer does not even begin to describe it. She was named the young artisan of Paris in 1996, due to her original concepts in design. It was that recognition that drove her to further develop her “variable” jewelry.

The idea is to be able to “convert” the same necklace into many different looks through the careful bending and reshaping of the cables. She now has more than 120 different designs in her current collection, and she introduces more and more elements to enrich her core components, thus turning what started as a concept into a true fashion collection.

Each piece is made by hand by the artist in her Parisian studio. It is a bold and contemporary collection that will delight your most artistic customers, inviting them to take part in the creative process.

Each piece will always be delivered in pristine shape, making this line as low maintenance as any.

Modern Art Jewelry

Modern Art jewelry is the jewelry pieces that are inspired by contemporary modern art .At Nikaia you can explore jewelry of different types and choose your favorite style among our best pieces. We have everything starting from layered necklaces and stacked rings to cuff bracelets and minimalist earrings. Also, most of these jewelry pieces look good on any woman and their designs are pretty versatile.

You will love to play around with different pieces and styles according to your fashion sense. Modern art jewelry is a part of the latest trends and it can instantly refresh any of your looks. Being trendy is not just about fashionable outfits, but it also about your accessories and jewelry. Additionally, we see a lot of stylists making their jewelry a statement piece to their looks. The small details are more important and symbolic than you think.

 To get a remarkable and outstanding look, you just need to make your jewelry stand out from the crowd. Styling is a great way of expressing yourself and communicate with the world and our designs are indeed the best way to do it. Visit Here, we are not talking about just a bold piece of modern jewelry that you can spot from a distance but rather an unforgettable one. Modern art jewelry is quiet enough to give you a stylish, fashionable, and vintage look.

We are sure that you will enjoy the designs and jewelry trends. We are sure that you will get some inspiration and confidence to try out something new from this season’s trends. So, you should not hesitate to visit our website and explore the latest Modern art jewelry designs. You can also share your opinion with us about your favorite jewelry trends. Give yourself a statement look with our modern jewelry. Get all types of klamir jewelry at one place

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