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At Boutique Nikaia, you will find the widest variety of rubber jewelry by renowned designers from across the world. Samuel Coraux's iconic adjustable rubber necklace with its bright and peppy shades can make everyone's day a lot more fun with style. Samuel Coraux is a Parisian designer who experiments a lot with funky rubber necklaces and bands. Want to turn heads as you walk down the street with casual yet chic jewelry? His work is neither too classic nor too contemporary but the perfect mix of both. Each and every piece in the collection oozes charm and inspiration.


 He is very dedicated and committed towards his art form which makes his rubber jewelry collection a rare gem. You will find the classic monochromes like the Metal Grey or the Cobalt shade jewelry or the mix and match of shades like the "Crazy and Fabulous collection". The choices are truly endless, be it the happy Fuschiasa turn ring or the classic Bronze voltage ring. He is well accustomed with the shades, material and principles of design that leads to the eccentric magic he creates. His jewelry is a symbol of his energetic spirit and lively humor.



Rubber Jewelry Collection

Samuel Coraux’srubber jewelry designs have always been much different from his contemporaries and is designed for both, the working “Modern Woman” or the “Traditional Housewife”. If you are willing to go out there and take the world by your charm, his jewelry collection is the perfect choice. Each of his collection is even better than the previous one. He continuously puts in genuine efforts to make fresh, “never-seen before” designs. All of his designs are nothing but a resemblance of his own cheerful and enigmatic personality. He has a vision towards shapes of jewelry that is unmatched. Feeling happy and super confident about yourself?

 Step out on the street by adorning yourself with his rubber jewelry collection. His designs are never repetitive or boring. He constantly experiments and discovers what works best. The designs are lively, colorful and full of happy vibes. Each of the pieces tells a different story and sets up a different mood. You can flaunt his collection anywhere and everywhere- be it a casual office event or a look with your evening gown. You are spoilt with choices when it comes to his jewelry designs. Be it his “Crazy and Fabulous” rings and Long Rubber Necklaces or his “Inspired Capsule” Collection and Unique Bracelets, his pieces are truly one of a kind.  Also the murano glass jewelry

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