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Klamir jewelry has a magical way of changing your mood, not just your outfit. Jewelry is one of those things that we always have with us but we can never have too much! We are sure that our designer pieces will catch your eye from this collection. This designer uses glass beads made by emerging glass artists combined with the beads of colored Italian PVC strings and the nylon cable ties.

It is a perfect brand choice for higher-grade coordination! The unique, classic, and elegant pieces are recommended not only for daily wearing purposes but also for glamorous parties. We is an accessory brand from Venice, the home of jewelry. New expressions are added while making these traditional accessories that have antique and modern, conflicting charms and are carefully crafted one by our craftsmen.

Klamir Collection is the blend of antiquated and interesting conventions that meet up unique and contemporary experiences. The designer’s artistic nature expressed early in the design which gradually led to the production of some of top designs in the creation. Typical of the spot, the Murano glass waa eliminated from the traditional style. The innovative contains the brilliance of elegant Venetian glass and Italian PVC.

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Everyone wants to live their lives in full comfort and luxury. At our online shopping website, you can shop our collection sitting right at home. You can explore all the best styles and designs of our collection to see what suits you best. The Klamir jewelry pieces are extremely graceful and it becomes the key element of the outfit.

It is known for its uniqueness as it plays with color gradation. The PVC strip is implanted into the Murano glass beads and borosilicate glass, making it even more gracious and unique. The sophisticated pieces of jewelry are designed for a woman of strong character, and it is its intricate details that form the style.

Designs of him are contemporary but the values can be traced back to its past, a style which is almost like retro-future. When it comes to Klamir, you will have lots of options to choose from. Here you find jewelry items that speak for themselves. As far as our jewelry is concerned, we got the extra mile and all the jewelry orders are dispatched by secure courier only. If you order clic by suzanne and it didn’t turn out to be what you expected, you can always return the item and get a complete refund.

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