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    <h1>Klamir Jewelry</h1> <p class="MsoNormal"><b><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">Klamir jewelry</span></b><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us"> has a magical way of changing your mood, not just your outfit. Jewelry is one of those things that we always have with us but we can never have too much! We are sure that our designer pieces will catch your eye from this collection. This designer uses glass beads made by emerging glass artists combined with the beads of colored Italian PVC strings and the nylon cable ties. </span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">It is a perfect brand choice for higher-grade coordination! The unique, classic, and elegant pieces are recommended not only for daily wearing purposes but also for glamorous parties. We is an accessory brand from Venice, the home of jewelry. New expressions are added while making these traditional accessories that have antique and modern, conflicting charms and are carefully crafted one by our craftsmen.</span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><b><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">Klamir </span></b><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">Collection is the blend of antiquated and interesting conventions that meet up unique and contemporary experiences. The designer’s artistic nature expressed early in the design which gradually led to the production of some of top designs in the creation. Typical of the spot, the Murano glass waa eliminated from the traditional style. The innovative contains the brilliance of elegant Venetian glass and Italian PVC.</span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us"></span></p> <h2>Shop Klamir Jewelry Online</h2> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">Everyone wants to live their lives in full comfort and luxury. At our online shopping website, you can shop our collection sitting right at home. You can explore all the best styles and designs of our collection to see what suits you best. The <b>Klamir jewelry </b>pieces are extremely graceful and it becomes the key element of the outfit. </span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">It is known for its uniqueness as it plays with color gradation. The PVC strip is implanted into the Murano glass beads and borosilicate glass, making it even more gracious and unique. The sophisticated pieces of jewelry are designed for a woman of strong character, and it is its intricate details that form the style. </span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us">Designs of him are contemporary but the values can be traced back to its past, a style which is almost like retro-future. When it comes to <b>Klamir</b>, you will have lots of options to choose from. Here you find jewelry items that speak for themselves. As far as our jewelry is concerned, we got the extra mile and all the jewelry orders are dispatched by secure courier only. If you order </span><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"><a href=""><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;">clic by suzanne</span></a></span><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:12pt;line-height:107%;font-family:'Times New Roman', serif;" xml:lang="en-us"> and it didn’t turn out to be what you expected, you can always return the item and get a complete refund. </span></p><p></p>
  • CLIC by Suzanne
    <h1>Buy clic jewelry with us</h1> <p class="MsoNormal"><b><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"></span></b></p><p><b> </b></p><b></b> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">An attire can never truly be complete without the right piece of jewelry to complement it. Be it an elegant neckpiece or a simple pair of studded earrings, A timeless piece of contemporary jewelry is always the "cherry on top", and puts together the look to oomph up the fashion statement. So, jewelry lovers can feel free to explore any style of jewelry here with us that would best suit their taste. We’ve got a variety of modern jewelry from designers all around the world. <b>Clic jewelry</b> by Suzanne is one such example. </span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Bound to make anyone’s head turn with the unique and fascinating touch of geometry in its design, it is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. These sleek pieces are immune to the changing trends and can be worn with any outfit without having to compromise with your comfort. A classic piece of jewelry can complement a variety of outfits in your wardrobe and is a one-time investment. So, it's really important to invest in slick classy timeless pieces, that saves you the effort to accessorize your every attire. <b>Cliq Jewelry</b> by Suzanne has a wide range of jewelry pieces so that you can choose from a spectrum of designs and pick what beautifully expresses your unique style.</span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"></span></p><p> </p> <h2>Purchase clic jewelry online</h2> <p class="MsoNormal"><b><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"></span></b></p><p><b> </b></p><b></b> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Are you a person who's the trendsetter among your circle? Are you the Fashion goddess who's known to be always in style? Then making sure that you're always keeping up with the latest fashion designs and trends can be quite a hassle. Especially if you are to depend on the same old conventional strategy of browsing through local jewelry stores, that even after all the hard work still won’t guarantee any success. This is where purchasing your jewelry online from us omens to your rescue. Our site offers you a range of beautiful trendy jewels that can go well with most of your outfits.</span></p><p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">We host brands like <b>Clic jewelry </b>by Suzanne which offers a variety of jewelry having unique designs and oozing class at the same time. From Simple yet graceful necklaces that are a gorgeous addition to those evening gowns to elegant and sophisticated earrings and neckpieces that enhance your formal office look, <b>cliq jewelry</b> has it all. Furthermore, With our compare option, you can also compare and pick the best among the bests and have it delivered at your doorstep. We also deal in <a href="">rubber</a> necklaces.</span></p><p></p>
    <h3 class="gmail_default">Since last week, we started adding some designs from the Nature Bijoux collection to our website.  If you are familiar with Nature Bijoux, you will be both thrilled and surprised by the wealth of components, the intricacy of some of the designs, the splendor of the colors.  We are showing Nature bijoux when it was at its best - the "vintage" pieces like its original founder would call it.</h3> <h3 class="gmail_default"></h3> <p></p> <h3 class="gmail_default"></h3> <h3 class="gmail_default">NIKAIA was Nature's distributor for a little over 10 years and to this day I still think the line used to encompass some of the most interesting designs ever made with natural components.</h3> <h3 class="gmail_default"></h3> <h3 class="gmail_default"></h3> <p></p> <h3 class="gmail_default">For some of you who are not familiar with the concept, this small French company had a workshop in the Philippines (hence the variety and the price point).  They only used natural components and semi-precious stones - not the AAA kind but solid quality nonetheless.  The stones and other parts are not always perfectly cut, their colors almost never flawlessly aligned.  The company's reverence for Nature is displayed by the acceptance of the many small flaws channeled by the designs.</h3> <p></p> <p></p> <h3 class="gmail_default">One day, the Fish and Wildlife agency started to put a ban on some of the components Nature was using - horn, shells, fish skin...etc. making it very difficult to import a comprehensive collection.  </h3> <p></p> <p></p> <h3 class="gmail_default">Not only the Fish and Wildlife ban never reverted, it included more and more items and soon, the European Commission also did the same and without some of the most intriguing and unique components, the line became dull and generic with the eternal freshwater pearls and the classic wood.  </h3> <p></p> <p></p> <h3 class="gmail_default">We had to phase it out from our portfolio.</h3> <h3 class="gmail_default"></h3> <h3 class="gmail_default"></h3> <h3 class="gmail_default">With the current situation forcing our stores to remain closed, we found the time to pull some nice pieces and set them up on the web for you.  </h3> <h3 class="gmail_default">Every Nature Bijoux piece featured on our website is 40% to 70% off normal retail prices.  They are new and will be delivered in their sealed, original packaging.</h3>
  • WHAT ELS? by Els Tangue

Stylish European Designer Jewelry

Boutique Nikaia presents before you a wide range of Classic European Designer Jewelry by designer brands from across the world, like Nature Bijoux, Klamir Clic by Suzane, Antares Venezia. The Aluminum Clic Collection by Suzane can impress you by its sheer subtleness and fascinating modesty. She chooses absolutely contemporary materials for her designs like stainless steel and magnets. None of them are too bold or expressive but yet chic and classy. If you swear by comfort whenever you choose to style yourself, her pieces with softness of PVC and invisible clasp comes handy. The jewelry pieces are sleek, immune to trends and light-weight.

They have a glossy look which makes her designs a great compliment to party wear. When it comes to European DesignerJewelry, Nature Bijoux Jewelry is yet another well-known name. The specialty of this jewelry line is the uniqueness of each of the pieces in the collection. We can swear that every piece is different from the other and you will never be bored of them. Extremely skilled craftsmen and artisans has put in their commitment and passion in this collection for making jewelry that is one of a kind. The pieces are handcrafted from pure, raw materials which will feel like poetry on your skin.

Check out European Jewelry

 The collection is all about the blend of simple shapes and soft shades that has been continuously been renewed throughout these years by seeking inspiration from the fusional stories with Nature. The brand is no less than a creative universe of color block trend. It is impossible that you are obsessed with European Jewelry but you haven’t heard the name of Antares Venezia. It is not just a brand but a legacy of fresh designs. This designer jewelry has always been synonymous with new materials, fresh trends and innovative ideas.

The entire idea behind this collection is to re-invent modern art jewelry with blown Murano glass that adds a touch of distinctness to it. Each of the pieces are timeless and embraces the profoundness of  Venetain beauty and culture. The secret to the authenticity and quality of the designs is their attention to details. The thought behind creating such European jewelry is to be open to trends without losing the originality. The traditional and refined techniques used in making such a masterpiece is what gives it the sophistication and exclusiveness. You will be delighted with the pleasure of mixing and matching these elegant and original pieces with your other accessories. Buy one of handmade jewelry with us.

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