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Laurent Guillot is a world-famous artist who has created his own legacy in artistic accessories with his designer one of a kind handmade jewelry. He has made his mark over the past 25 years with his fashionable creations in Paris where he made a statement with his dramatic pieces. Transparency is the main strength of his brand. He has always been very experimental and flexible with the shape and volume and weight of the pieces. He has prior experience in the field of painting restoration where he had worked with a range of techniques in foil and gold leaf painting.

This has helped him master the art of beautifully creating varied effects with layering techniques. His collection is very modern and contemporary with clean, bold lines which enhances the confidence of a lady even more. His sense of proportion is brilliant and is a resemblance of subtlety with power. All the one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces are crafted with a special material known as Lucite which is very different from resin. Lucite is a very rarely produced, fragile material that has to be delicately manufactured by hands by heating and manipulating the shape. Such a rare substance brings a sense of individualism in his collection that no other designer possesses.

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The material Lucite is further given a stunning finishing touch by layering it with color, paint or foil very intricately with hands. No one till date has mastered this art as much as Gulliot has done. He has been creating such beauty with this material since so long that the art now runs in his veins. But the best part about him is that though he has been using the same material since years to design truly one of a kind handmade jewelry, he never lets his Art form to be repetitive. He constantly tries to brainstorm and experiment to create some of the other innovation that has a lasting impact.

He has such expertise in what he does that his competitors are nowhere near his level. Wearing his collection makes you feel so enigmatic and bold from inside, that you feel like you can face the world. Let your jewelry speak for itself. Accessories form a part of self-expression and personality. Laurent understands this and therefore he creates only one of a kind handmade jewelry collection where each of the pieces are individualistic and unique in themselves. Most of these pieces are a limited edition. Buy Laurent Gulliot Jewelry at best prices.

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