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Samuel Coraux is one of the rawest and real designers out there. He believes that creativity is limitless and always had a strong sense of belief in his sense of creativity. He has always had a passion for traveling the world and discovering more and more inspiration for his work. He always designs costume jewelry to add a statement look and some drama to whatever costume the woman is wearing. He is a scientist when it comes to uncommon shades. He also loves experimenting with rare materials like plastic or even Murano glass jewelry which no other designer in that era could even imagine of.

 He loves playing around with a variety of bold and fun colors with very basic designs. His jewelry collection if one were to examine is nothing complicated but still somehow manages to surprise you by its sheer simplicity. His Murano Glass Jewelry reflects the confidence and shine with which a woman carries herself and stands out among his creative display of off-beat jewelry. It is his discovery of Murano glass that led to the creation of his first collection. You can pair his pieces with a wide range of fashionable apparel, be it tops or dresses, and add a fantastic finishing touch.

Murano Glass Jewelry Collection

Whenever you think of accessorizing your outfit, if the first thing that comes to your mind is jewelry, then you should definitely try and explore Samuel Couraux’s Murano Glass Jewelry Collection. Each of his pieces is cutting-edge and unbelievably stylish. Dynamic Designs are the most perfect gift you can give to yourself or to your special one. They resemble charismatic Modern Art and Architecture but at the same time have a classic touch to it. His art form is abstract and twisted and the brightly colored Murano Glass matches his energetic and free spirit.

The Murano glass-making industry in Venice is one of the most royal and exquisite choices for designers from across the world. Murano glasses resemble history, culture, and tradition, and wearing a jewelry piece made out of it instantly elevates the “classiness”. Especially, when a world-class designer like Samuel Coraux infuses his creativity and authenticity in it, the collection can be nothing less than “perfect.” Murano glass jewelry, in particular, looks artistic and stunning and due to its rich cultural and historical background, you can even make it a part of your family heritage, be it the Frosted Green or the Rococo Smoke Necklace and also European jewelry.

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