Since last week, we started adding some designs from the Nature Bijoux collection to our website.  If you are familiar with Nature Bijoux, you will be both thrilled and surprised by the wealth of components, the intricacy of some of the designs, the splendor of the colors.  We are showing Nature bijoux when it was at its best - the "vintage" pieces like its original founder would call it.

NIKAIA was Nature's distributor for a little over 10 years and to this day I still think the line used to encompass some of the most interesting designs ever made with natural components.

For some of you who are not familiar with the concept, this small French company had a workshop in the Philippines (hence the variety and the price point).  They only used natural components and semi-precious stones - not the AAA kind but solid quality nonetheless.  The stones and other parts are not always perfectly cut, their colors almost never flawlessly aligned.  The company's reverence for Nature is displayed by the acceptance of the many small flaws channeled by the designs.

One day, the Fish and Wildlife agency started to put a ban on some of the components Nature was using - horn, shells, fish skin...etc. making it very difficult to import a comprehensive collection.  

Not only the Fish and Wildlife ban never reverted, it included more and more items and soon, the European Commission also did the same and without some of the most intriguing and unique components, the line became dull and generic with the eternal freshwater pearls and the classic wood.  

We had to phase it out from our portfolio.

With the current situation forcing our stores to remain closed, we found the time to pull some nice pieces and set them up on the web for you.  

Every Nature Bijoux piece featured on our website is 40% to 70% off normal retail prices.  They are new and will be delivered in their sealed, original packaging.

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